Quick one today, but something interesting I noticed yesterday.

I wear a Fitbit Ionic watch which tracks my heart rate throughout the day and night. Before new year my average resting heart rate was between 63 and 66, but since I started writing daily my average heart rate is now between 57 and 59 and has been consistently for two weeks.

Okay, correlation does not imply causation, but it is a strange coincidence. My resting heart rate has never been that low for such a long period since I started tracking my heaet rate 12 months ago.

The routine of writing has had other side effects which I didn’t expect. I now wake up with my alarm clock, exercise more consistently, and cook more often; and I’m sure these have some effect on how relaxed I am as well. Maybe these things aren’t related, but it seems more than a coincidence.

The only thing I’ve found more difficult to do as my routine has improved is finding time for reading. My reading time has reduced as a trade-off for writing longer, and that’s something I need to sort out.

See you tomorrow.

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