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Every day this year I’m challenging myself to publish one blog post and write 1000 words towards a short-story. This post is part of that challenge. You can check out my live word count here and send me encouragement or give me a kick up the rear. You can also check out all of the blog posts so far.

I’m only on day four of my Daily Blog Challenge but I’m already learning new things.

It might seem obvious, but writing every day forces you to plan ahead. I’m going to be away from home for most of tomorrow, and won’t have a chance to even switch my laptop on during civilised hours. So, unless I want to be writing into the wee small hours — which is a possibility, I suppose, but not one I’m anticipating — I’m going to need to plan out my writing well ahead of time.

Planning ahead!

So, today I’m going to write two blog posts and schedule them to post in WordPress — that’ll get me through to Saturday, and I’ll write 2000 words towards my short story today to make up for what I’ll miss tomorrow. That should work, I hope.

Before starting this challenge I wrote several times a week anyway, but keeping a schedule of 1000 words is quickly becoming easier. Half-an-hour to 45 minutes of time set aside in the evening is all it takes to complete, and it gives a sense of accomplishment even if nothing else went right that day.

It’s made me reconsider the length of time I need to plan ahead, I can see it would be so easy to get a couple of days behind and then never catch up. I’m determined to post every day, on the day, and not get into a negative cycle of continually running after myself.

The Road to Unfreedom

Today I finished a post that I’ve been struggling with for more than a month. I recently read The Road to Unfreedom, by Timothy Snyder, and I’ve been trying to write something to force me to analyse my thoughts on the book. Reading Unfreedom is one of those rare times when I felt vandalising the pages of the book with pencil notations was completely justified; the contents is just so incendiary and worrying that it requires careful thought.

I started the article about a month ago, and it’s only since I started this challenge, and forced myself to sit down and sort through the spiders web of paragraphs and narrative threads, that it finally came together. It’s not perfect, by any means, but I’m pretty happy with the result; if nothing else, it’ll give me something to look back on in twelve months and wonder at how hopeless a writer I used to be…

See you tomorrow.

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