Cat Dinner Please

The dream of any writer is surely to have their own private space in which to let the creative magic flow. That ornate mahogany writing desk nestled beneath expansive bay windows looking out onto an endless green lawn. Just you, your laptop, and a deep golden decanter of the finest whiskey — or maybe that’s just me.

That’s the dream, but more often than not my writing is done trying to block out a nine year old screaming in excitement while raining hellfire down on his friends in Fortnite, various kitchen appliances grinding away and a cat demanding food.

In a normal household that little bolt hole probably doesn’t exist, and so, you have to make your own instead.

Rather than finding a physical space, on the excellent advice of a friend, I’ve made my own. Instead of carving out that little nook, I’ve invested in a pair of builder’s ear defenders.

These aural wonders allows me to work anywhere, and without which I wouldn’t be nearly as productive. They turn any space into a quiet personal space where those important 1000 words can be knocked out in tranquility and zen. And, if you want to splash out a bit more, you can always upgrade to noise cancelling headphones, which work even better.

These little marvels cost me £20 and have brought me endless sanity. They’re also useful for those times when you’ve just had enough and, when combined with a blindfold, and a vodka and lemonade, can remove the stresses of any number of children.

Buy yours today.

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