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Review: Black Earth by Timothy Snyder

As we see flashes of an emboldened right-wing across Europe and the Americas, the thing that fascinates me most is how does a liberal, modern society transform into a population capable of killing on the scale seen during the 1930s and 40s.

Timothy Snyder’s book Black Earth gets closest to this answer than anything I’ve read previously, but what’s most disturbing about it isn’t the descriptions of violent death and acts of cruelty carried out by the Nazi’s, it’s that western societies are scarily close to repeating history.

Book Reviews Timothy Snyder

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I read them all, so you don’t have to.

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Writing everyday forces you to plan ahead

I’m only on day four of my Daily Blog Challenge but I’m already learning new things.

The Road to Unfreedom
Book Reviews Historical Timothy Snyder

Review: The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder

Things feel strange at the moment, right?

There’s Trump, and Brexit, and there’s the increase in the popularity of far right political parties across Europe — most notably in Poland, France, Turkey, Germany and the UK; and this is only with a western biased view.