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IBM is stopping me from reading Machines Like Me

For weeks I've been earnestly waiting for the release of Ian McEwan's latest novel, Machines Like Me. McEwan is one of my favourite authors, he has an uncanny ability to be able to build a series of apparently independent scenes

Book Reviews Dune Frank Herbert

Review: Dune by Frank Herbert

It's an Absolute Truth that Dune, Frank Herbert's 1969 classic novel, is the greatest work of science-fiction ever put to paper. The sci-fi equivalent of Lord of the Rings, Dune is a without competition, a fully realised world of ecology,

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How AI will make you lose your mind

The internet is a black box into which people pour their lives, their photos and videos, their most private and intimate messages, their relationships and their finances and it's not until something goes wrong that anyone even considers how the


The British Problem with Europe

For most British people European history stopped somewhere around 1950. The Europe most people have experience of is a continent in stasis, and it's this that breeds complacency. We British are so used to getting on with our daily lives

Oryx and Crake rabbit
Book Reviews Dystopian Margaret Atwood Science Fiction

Review: Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Oryx and Crake tells the story of Snowman, a strange, bedraggled loner who lives outside of what remains of human society as he struggles to stave off hunger and survive. To say much more would be to spoil the story,

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