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Yesterday I fell through a rabbit hole and came out the other side with a 2000 word article on a movie which was released six years ago. That possibly wasn’t the most effective use of my time, but I found it carthartic. Anyway, it’s done now, no point worrying about it.

I spent nearly four hours writing a blog post and struggled to finish the 1000 words towards my current work in progress. I did it, but it was a the most difficult day I’ve had writing so far. I need to prioritise the workload more and keep the blog posts to a reasonable length. Maybe a few longer ones at the weekends.

In the meantime, here’s a paragraph from the book I’m reading at the moment, The Child in Time by Ian McEwan. You should also read it:

“It was not always the case that a large minority comprising the weakest members of society wore special clothes, were freed from the routines of work and of many constraints on their behaviour and were able to devote much of their time to play. It should be remembered that childhood is not a natural occurrence. There was a time when children were treated like small adults. Childhood is an invention, a social construct, made possible by society as it increased in sophistication and resource.” 

Ian McEwan, The Child in Time

See you tomorrow.

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