Freewrite Traveller

In January I wrote that I’d ordered a Freewrite Traveler, Astrohaus’s modern taken on the typewriter, on Indiegogo. The Freewrite Traveler is a portable version of the full Freewrite device and includes a full keyboard and a minimalist eInk screen, designed to remove the distractions inherent when writing on a modern laptop.

Freewrite Traveller

Since then I’ve had quite a few people email asking for updates on my progress and reviews of the Traveler, which I am very happy to do… once it arrives.

You see, the thing with kickstarter campaigns is that they’re always a bit of a risk, and despite Astrohaus’s comparative previous business success, production of the Freewrite Traveler has been delayed a couple of times. According to the company they’re now expecting to ship the first batch of units around November 2019.

As soon as I receive mine, as long as I haven’t told the Yodel man hop it when I see the cost of the import tax, I’ll write some initial impressions and a full review.

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PS Yes, the spelling of “Traveler” is right, must be a US thing.

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