“Love isn’t just wanting another person the way you want to own an object you see in a store. That’s just desire. You want to have it around, take it home and set it up somewhere in the apartment like a lamp.”

Popular television host and genetically engineered singer, Jason Taverner, wakes up in a strange hotel room after being attacked by a fan. Dropped into a world where he never existed, and forgotten by his audience, his ex-wife, and everyone else in his life, he struggles to discover how his life disappeared overnight.

Set in the distant future reality of 1988, ‘Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said’ is classic Philip K. Dick exploring dual realities and human authenticity in a hallucinatory dreamscape of a novel.

As many of Dick’s novels have done, ‘Flow my Tears’ quickly went from ‘that other Philip K. Dick novel on my book shelf and haven’t read yet, to one of my top three Dick stories.

Philip K. Dick

It wouldn’t do the story justice to describe it in any more detail here, but suffice to say ‘Flow my Tears’ is a concoction of drugs, alcohol, philosophy, religion, and interdimensional travel that ultimately pulls you in through a cast of damaged characters and an unfathomable mystery which is never going to have a straight forward outcome.

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If you like ‘Flow my Tears’, make sure you check out Dick’s undelivered speech, which was published as the introduction to the short story collection ‘I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon’, entitled ‘How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later’.

This bizarre tale of coincidence and religious interpretation, talks about the unexpected significance that ‘Flow my Tears’ played in Dick’s life and gives him the scope to outline his personal philosophy and opinions on life and religion, which I consider more powerful than the novel on which it is based.

In my opinion ‘Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said’ is one of Dick’s finest creations. Read it now!

And here are a few of the amazing covers available for Flow my Tears:

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