Cat Dinner Please

The gadget that turns anywhere into a private writing space

The dream of any writer is surely to have their own private space in which to let the creative magic flow. That ornate mahogany writing desk nestled beneath expansive bay windows looking out onto an endless green lawn. Just you, your laptop, and a deep golden decanter of the finest whiskey — or maybe that’s just me.

Ben and Holly

5 things I’ve learnt about writing so far

I’m two weeks (alright, thirteen days) into my daily writing challenge and I’ve already learnt a lot. As a bonus, this milestone has also given me an excuse to write a listicle. Interestingly, Google’s spell check doesn’t recognise the word ‘listicle’ and instead tries to substitute it for the word ‘testicle.’ I leave you to decide whether this has any bearing on the content you’re about to read.


I’ve hit a brick wall with my story

I’ve hit day 10 of my 1000 word a day writing challenge, and I’ve hit a brick wall with my current short story. I’m 10,000 words into what will probably turn out to be a 5000-ish word short story, and I’ve run out of steam. Not with writing, just with this story in particular.

Freewrite Traveller

I ordered a Freewrite Traveler on Indiegogo

My search for the perfect writing device may be at an end. I needed something that’s portable, has great battery life, and a full sized keyboard; and I think I may have finally found it. At least, I hope so. I’ve either spent £220 on the best productivity tool ever created, or thrown a load of cash into a giant kickstarter fire.

Let’s see which…

Karl Glasses

Writing everyday forces you to plan ahead

I’m only on day four of my Daily Blog Challenge but I’m already learning new things.