God is not Great by Christoper Hitchens
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Review: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens

If heroes were my thing, the late Christopher Hitchens would be one of them. He was such a contradiction. On the one hand, Hitchens was a lucid intellectual and seemingly well-read in every subject known to man; he was a vicious debater while also being kind at heart; he could communicate with envious clarity, but turned off many who disagreed with him. Hitchens also had the appearance of a Dickensian villain: he was a heavy smoker and enjoyer of alcohol, and he often wore a dirty trenchcoat on his back.

They Thought They Were Free by Milton Mayer
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Review: They Thought They Were Free by Milton Mayer

In 1935, Mayer, an American journalist of German and Jewish descent, travelled to Germany in an attempt to secure an interview with Hitler. He failed in this task, but what he saw in Germany terrified him enough to know that Hitler wasn’t the person he needed to speak to. Instead, he interviewed ten everyday Germans — a tailor, a cabinet maker, a salesman, a student, a baker, a bill-collector, a teacher, a policeman, and a bank clerk — to decipher how it was that the Nazi movement had swept the country.

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Uzumaki by Junji Ito

Uzumaki follows Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito, as they attempt to survive the increasingly disturbing spiral related events which defile the inhabitants of the Japanese town of Kurōzu-cho.

Carl Sagan Contact
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Review: Contact by Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan’s contact is the purest form of speculative science-fiction. It takes a present-day world and imposes on it a remote but completely plausible scientific premise. In Contact, Carl Sagan asks, how would the human race react if we suddenly received a message from an alien civilisation.

Gyo Shark
Book Reviews Junji Ito Manga

Gyo by Junji Ito

Tadashi loves scuba diving, and during a trip with his girlfriend Kaori, he comes across an impossibly fast sea creature, unlike anything he’s seen before. He sets out to investigate the animal but is forced back to the surface by a group of sharks. When he arrives back on land he finds that the strange creature has followed him, and it’s brought along all of its friends.