I sat in the DeLorean

BETT Show Delorean

I’m not entirely sure how the conversation started. I imagine the same situation might occur if you found yourself in a minor car accident and were forced through circumstance into comparing notes with an eyewitness. We were both so stunned to be so close to this strange vehicle that instinctively we both locked eyes and had to converse just to break the awkward tension. It quickly became clear, however, that his English vocabulary was limited, and that he thought this was a real car, the pinnacle of British vehicular engineering. I know the DeLorean was actually manufactured, but he thought this was some sort of experimental prototype being tested for road worthiness.

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I went surfing

Me being forced to pretend I'm enjoying myself while photos are taken

The worst thing about surfing (of which there are many) is the wet suit. I now understand the plight of Edwardian women forced into rib crackingly tight corsets and can fully sympathise with the Suffragettes burning their restrictive undergarments. Clothes so tight that you’re forced to walk like you’ve soiled your trousers should be outlawed by the European Court of Human Rights.

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Normal service will resume shortly.

Karl Glasses

I started writing my planned article for today, but when it reached 1000 words and had no end in sight, I decided to write this one instead and continue the other tomorrow.

I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I got a little carried away with a subject I’m pretty passionate about, so you’ll have to forgive me substituting this rambling mess instead, but you’ll be able to read the other post shortly.

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