I went surfing

Me being forced to pretend I'm enjoying myself while photos are taken

The worst thing about surfing (of which there are many) is the wet suit. I now understand the plight of Edwardian women forced into rib crackingly tight corsets and can fully sympathise with the Suffragettes burning their restrictive undergarments. Clothes so tight that you’re forced to walk like you’ve soiled your trousers should be outlawed by the European Court of Human Rights.

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Junji Ito – the best of Japanese horror

The Enigma of Amigara - Junji Ito

I don’t remember exactly how I found The Enigma of Amigara Fault (maybe it found me…), but the story and graphic depictions of horror immediately captured my imagination and sent my stomach into that pit of despair reserved for only the best horror fiction. Remember the first time you saw the chestburster scene in Alien or the bit where The Thing bites off the scientist’s hands? That’s Junji Ito.

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5 things I’ve learnt about writing so far

Ben and Holly

I’m two weeks (alright, thirteen days) into my daily writing challenge and I’ve already learnt a lot. As a bonus, this milestone has also given me an excuse to write a listicle. Interestingly, Google’s spell check doesn’t recognise the word ‘listicle’ and instead tries to substitute it for the word ‘testicle.’ I leave you to decide whether this has any bearing on the content you’re about to read.

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